"Tony Terry" is an United States/American soul music/soul/new jack swing singing/singer from Washington, D.C., who had several Contemporary R&B/R&B hit record/hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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This was a tough night to play. It was cold and wet, not great conditions, but we played well enough to win.

Aubrey pitched really well. She is a great competitor on the mound.

We had outstanding plays all over the field. We got good things to happen.

Aubrey pitched well. No matter who's pitching, they'll put it into play.

We're glad to get the district win and move forward.

Allison did a really good job today. She competed well.

New Hope is a Top 10 team. They are always really tough.

Tonight was a team effort. We swung the bat hard and ran the bases well.

We came out and really hit the ball well. I was pleased with the overall effort we gave.