We are working hard to shore up the defensive end. Will Clark had been to state the last two years in the hitting derby and we have gone and watched him and the games. We have seen what it takes to get there and hopefully we are going to take it to the next step. We were one game away last year and are pretty motivated to get there.

Overall it was a good game. It is still early in the season and we trying to get as many people at bat and see where we are.

We have about 10 pitchers so we can go pretty deep there. It will give us a chance to keep arms fresh. Sullivan had arm problems last year, but he is back and throwing well. We have six senior pitchers.

He has a nice live fastball. He is such a strong young man that he uses his size to dominate with the fastball. He is working on a change up and he has a good over the top curveball. He has got three good pitches going into the spring.

That was huge, a sophomore on the mound. You go on the road for the first conference game, and he comes up big for us.

We have got a lot of good hitters back. All six starters batted over .300 and three batted over.400 in Sullivan, Hayden and Ladd. The leadership has been pretty good. We are a senior laden team.

He was throwing strikes and still bringing it; changing speeds, and he did a great job working ahead. They had a couple good hits against him, but it was an outstanding performance.

I told them going into the seventh inning we want to make it a magical season so let's make it a magical first game.