I think it was probably my fault. I asked some young guys to do some things that they're probably not comfortable with. I need to keep in mind who we've got on the field during certain sets and not ask those guys to do too much. We kind of switched out of what we were doing earlier in the game.

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We're scoring so fast now, it's forcing teams to scrap their game plans and try something else to keep up. Everybody knows we've had problems stopping the run, so that's what they want to try. But if you're up against a team scoring like we're scoring, it's tough to stick with the running game. They're forcing teams to change what they want to do. That's never bad.

We just had too many mistakes. You could see it. Those guys lost their focus and the mistakes started to come. We talk all the time about maintaining our focus and finishing games. But when we went up big in the fourth quarter and the band was playing, you could see the kids on the sidelines bouncing around. We can't do that. We can't afford to lose focus out there.