"Antonio Maria de Lancastre de Mello e Castro", Conde das Antas, Visconde de Pernes, born in Lisbon, Portugal.

Has been designing sailing and motor yachts for 35 years, with about 8,000 boats launched to date that include custom boats and One-design production models. His firm is based on the South Coast of England in Hamble-le-Rice/Hamble, Southampton

After leaving Ron Holland’s design team in 1980, Castro's first significant racing yacht design was Justine III, for Frank Woods of the National Yacht Club, Ireland. She was the first and only yacht to win the One Ton Cup with five straight first place victories. The same owner then built JUSTINE IV, which was crowned best Offshore Admiral's Cupper in 1983

Then followed IZTANOTHER PURLA, a 43 footer which missed being chosen for the British Admirald's Cup Team, but then went on to win all 7 races in Cowes Week beating all the Admiral's Cuppers, helmed by the late Sir Peter Blake and his NZ crew from Steinlager. A boat full of innovative ideas, including praddle steering, a method of steering using a vertical arm rising from below the cockpit floor.

He followed that up with 2 x Quarter-Ton World Championships, MCDONALDS AND SCANDINAVIAN SEAWAYS

a Half-Ton cup (production) with BALTHAZAR and

a 6m JI World Championshop and Coupe de France " THISBE"

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