We think we'll put ourselves in a much better position to be successful than the position we're in today.

I have a huge problem with generated power, ... Maybe the equipment is substandard or maybe you oversold the capabilities.

We've worked with our key suppliers on several programs to take out waste, increase economies of scale, improve quality and customer satisfaction, and create a framework for stronger relationships.

This will have a significant impact on the cost and waste in the supply chain. We have a problem in terms of the business model in this industry. It is not working effectively for our suppliers. It is not working effectively for us.

Now all of these are public record.

If it weren't for her, we'd be up to here in papers, as much paper as we generate.

We have no chance [against Cleveland] without him. How many times have you had people comment about what a great contribution he made on the defensive end, and the guy he was guarding had 36? But he did make a significant contribution. That was why we won.

We're going to give this one to Doc, even though he's not here with us. We know he's going through some tough times right now, but from the coaching staff to the players, we want to send this out for him.

Tony Allen was the key guy in that group. He was aggressive, he was attacking and played great defense down the stretch.