"Tony Bell" is a freelance writer and journalist, known for his What's he on column in Cycling Weekly, where he was a columnist between 1994 and 2006. His popularity gained as a CW columnist led to engagements as an public speaking/after-dinner speaker at cycling events.

Bell is also a serious reporter with a degree in politics who has reported on race riots, gangland contracts, drugs wars and environmental and social issues in his native Merseyside for The Independent and The Observer. Following a road accident in which several members of Rhyl cycling club were killed, Bell criticized the attitudes of those such as Jeremy Clarkson, whose column in The Sun (newspaper)/The Sun he considered anti-cyclist, and what he saw as the cynical attitude of motorists. He called for a single organisation to represent cyclists in the UK to avoid such tragedies recurring.

Bell was also professional cyclist. He once held the mountains and points jerseys in the prestigious Mi-Août Bretonne. He is the brother of former National Amateur and Professional British National Road Race Championships/Road Race Champion Mark Bell (cyclist)/Mark Bell, who died in 2009.

Bell lives in Chester and supplements his income as a bus driver. He is writing an autobiography, provisionally called "Pinball", excerpts of which are on his web site.

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The supervisor doesn't feel these recommendations go far enough.

We are very concerned about the issue, and we'll be asking county counsel and the chief administrative officer to have a look at the county code.

We will have a motion on the agenda Tuesday asking the librarian to come up with a way to eliminate pornography (from library computers).

We appreciate the work she's done. Furthermore, it does not behoove the taxpayer or library staff to go to such an extent to preserve the computers for porn users in a public place. We feel the most expeditious, fair, solution is to eliminate (pornography) altogether.

It just sets things up to look bad. Ideally, (Pye) could go to another department.