Tommy Thayer
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"Thomas Cunningham Thayer" is an United States/American musician and songwriter best known as the lead guitarist for the American hard rock band Kiss (band)/Kiss, as well as the former lead guitarist for the band Black 'n Blue.

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It's an opportunity to get involved in the home front and be a little less conventional. You never know, maybe I'll end up taking some classes.

We were playing a lot of songs that Kiss hadn't played in years, or haven't played at all. One day, Doc McGhee, the manager, came into the dressing room, and said, 'We really need to film and record this show, because it's so good. It's probably the best Kiss performance I've seen.' So we said, 'OK.' That was the spark that got the whole thing going.

I'm always busy. Believe it or not, if KISS isn't on tour there's still plenty to do in the KISS camp.

I saw a part of the first episode and it was very good!