I want you to know that I have no compassion for you now. I hope the image of Amy haunts you forever.

We're hoping juvenile court will allow us to reopen the case and get the 18-year-old to tell his story. Everyone keeps calling him a liar.

We called W.W. Schrimsher 'Papa.' He was the tallest guy and he was a character, ... When I was growing up, everybody in the whole community had a nickname, and he was the one who named them all. He could start calling people a name and it just fit.

When I was in graduate school there was an article that said the purest monopoly anyone ever had was the general store, because people were limited to how far they could ride, ... There was one general store and Granddaddy Yates had it.

Put your child in my child's coffin and tell me if two years sounds like enough.

They named it Madden Post Office because W.A. Madden, who lived across the road, gave them the bond money and he wanted it named after him.

I didn't want to have to relive the situation.

The new store really caught on. During the 20s, they tell about hauling (train) carloads of flour, sugar and coal to the store, ... They'd bring 55-gallon barrels of kerosene from the railroad at Elmer. Sometimes, they'd sell a carload of flour a week. A lot of cowboys worked for the Waggoner Ranch just across the river.