Following that process, the applications are sent out to the designated organization.

This type of illegal activity is a real concern and keeps our investigative units busy. It is a problem on the regional and national level.

A majority of Medicaid patients are in those urban centers.

You will have significant variety up and down. You'll have towns with a low tax rate and low values matched up with towns with high values, but not necessarily high property-tax rates. . . . Where there is a clear ability to pay, with low rates, then those towns would be consequently impacted.

The Division of Taxation as part of its enforcement activities does reach out to Internet providers as part of its regular activities.

There's volatility to any revenue source, especially revenue sources that are new and changing because of an adjustment. The tax is performing well and has been meeting the needs of the state.

The objective was to even out the debt over the life of the bonds.

A lot of folks are surprised to realize you can't purchase cigarettes tax-free over the Internet.

This is meant to address situations where towns are receiving services and have significantly lower (tax) rates than those with their own police forces. There is a significant cost for these services.