"Thomas Starr" (1813–1890) was a Cherokee Nation/Cherokee in the American West, who was declared an outlaw by his tribe in an internal conflict over treaties with the United States government. He was also involved in running whiskey into Indian Territory and rustling stock. Starr was the grandfather of Henry Starr and father in-law to Belle Starr, through her marriage to Sam Starr.

Starr's father was James Starr, a Cherokee leader and a signer of the Treaty of New Echota in December 1835. This treaty had a large impact on the unity and well being of the Cherokee Nation, and many tribal members disagreed with its signing. James Starr was targeted for assassination by Cherokee opposing the treaty, followers of the anti-Removal National Party led by John Ross (Cherokee chief)/John Ross, and on more than one occasion narrowly escaped death.

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They want to see a bowl committee with community members and know that people with past football experience are on board. The whole goal is to make sure it's financially viable to protect teams that would participate in the game.

There's been a bidding war lately driven by bowls really eager to sign contracts with the big conferences. If you're working with a conference that really needs more bowl tie-ins, the payout doesn't have to be that high.

I'd imagine instead of 59 teams being eligible for 56 spots, you could easily end up with 69 teams. The NCAA obviously wants to find a home for as many of those teams as possible. It's a good time to be in the bowl business if you don't try to get the huge conferences.