These three guys represent the veteran leadership of our club, ... We feel that with their experience, especially at the NHL level, as well as their work habits at practice every day, that they are right guys to lead this club. They will have a major role in developing our team's identity and work ethic.

We are obviously concerned regarding the most recent allegation of a document bearing an invalid signature. We have cooperated fully with the FBI with regard to the alleged forged document and will continue to do so. We also hope to identify the wrongdoer in the event the questionable signatures are indeed forgeries.

We do not understand Commissioner Furmon's motivations in calling for an FBI investigation. Based upon what we've looked into thus far, we haven't seen anything that would appear to warrant that type of action or an FBI investigation.

At the time that all these agreements and the documents were executed, everyone thought they had authority to execute those agreements.

This is a muddy situation with a lot of issues, ... As a company, we are feverishly working to resolve all of those to everyone's satisfaction, including Butler County, because frankly I don't think anyone benefits with the situation escalating beyond what it already has.

It was being installed when this whole thing blew up. Some of it is in some of our county buildings and some of it is in our warehouse still.

Based on this meeting, we agreed to continue our discussions toward a mutually agreeable solution to this matter.

There do appear to be at least two issues where the validity of a signature is at issue. One of those is adverse to us and one of those is adverse to the county. The apparent forged signatures aren't on the primary agreements involved, but we certainly would like to find out the source of forgeries, if there are any.