We expect that the mutual goal of ZF and IBM to deliver products of the highest quality and reliability, utilizing IBM's world-class foundry technology, will result in a successful long-term relationship.

Her mange started to flare up again at the shelter, and a special request was made for me to bring her home.

We didn't even go. We honestly thought that $4 million was pushing it, so there wasn't any missed opportunity.

We set a date of Sept. 15 for Barry Cohen to take down his bridge. That date has now passed.

They're breaking new ground in pro rodeo.

The city was fully behind us. We didn't anticipate that anyone would go to the foreclosure sale and pay it off in full.

[Downtown Now's funds to demolish the bridge were to have come from a combination of grants and private donations.] I only have the funds for a limited period of time, ... Things have to move forward. People expect their money to be used and not (kept) sitting in a bank somewhere.

My patience ran out with him. There is a lot of talk and no action.