Tom Powers
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"Tom Powers" was an American stage and film actor. He was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA, Powers is best known for his role as the victim of scheming wife Barbara Stanwyck and crooked insurance salesman Fred MacMurray in the 1944 film noir classic Double Indemnity (film)/Double Indemnity.

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It hit us at a hard time. We only have eight conference games so it took a lot out of our season. We weren't the same.

We've kind of been spoiled with Tania. Now we are going to be more of a scrappy team that passes well. We are smaller now but more athletic.

We take so much for granted and you can't help but to go out to these people. They need some basic supplies... water. My god if I could get some of the local orchards to throw a truck load of apples into it. Anything they could use. Just get it down there.

Here it is evident that the money we are spending is supporting rescue efforts.

I'm very pleased with our recruiting class. We've got some really quality athletes in this group.

We have major pipelines, a major trucking system and rail systems though the county. We can get tornadoes and storms that can cause buildings to collapse. It's all not about terrorism, though it certainly can happen here.

We couldn't throw it from the river to the bridge in the first quarter. We really turned up the defense in the second quarter.

Deanna is very, very good. We are looking forward to see what she can do for us.

We got into some early foul trouble. We just turned up the intensity a little bit and concentrated on our first half mistakes. Give credit to Arlington. They came out on fire tonight.