This can be a Sweet 16 team. We're going to be really good in February. We're just scratching the surface right now.

I've never had a better defensive team in all the years I've coached. They get after it and play hard every possession.

I didn't even realize they called a technical on me until I was told later. That's absurd, that's all I can say. But I'm not going to say that the officials cost us the game.

I think that North Texas is a very nice basketball team. They can shoot it, their big guys are like warriors inside and they are a cohesive team. ... Unless they fall apart, I think they have a chance to win their conference.

In my opinion he has no confidence in himself right now. If he's playing like he normally is, we don't lose these games. That's the responsibility that comes with being a front-line player.

It's a good chance for fans to come and meet the players and get to know them a little bit. And it's also a chance for the players to meet the fans, which is always a good thing.

You can't hang your head when things go bad. This is when you have to claw back. We're going forward from here, not looking back.

I've received so many letters and telephone calls, it's hard to keep up. I appreciated it so much. But I'm fine.

We don't want to shoot a free throw.