It used to be (college) coaches would come in and evaluate tape. Within a few minutes, they could tell if you were going to be an impact player.

That's a wake-up call for everybody. You watch them on game tapes, they have some talented players and good team speed.

We've been slow coming out of the gate, so it was important to get off to a strong start like that. Credit has to be given to the entire team. Our defensive coaches put together a great game plan and the players executed it.

We were concerned especially with homecoming week and everything. Defensively, we played a great game.

We're going to be juggling some sets and lineups. We'll see who the playmakers are.

He did a good job at disrupting things. Erik is so darn quick at the nose man, he creates a lot of problems for offensive blocking schemes. (And at linebacker), he has a nose for the football.