I used to work in Gary Indiana. I was a life guard, the brothers and the sister would all come down to the pool but the grease from hair goes everywhere and they can't swim.

Tristan hit a couple shots in the first quarter, bang, bang, and then we stopped getting him the ball. We just sort of stopped getting the ball to our scorers. I just thought we didn't play a very intelligent game.

It's going to be interesting because you'll see two different styles of basketball.

I'm ecstatic. This was a very impressive win for the Grizzlies. Cheyenne East is ranked No. 1 in Wyoming and they're very deserving of that. They've got three studs, three D-1 prospects. They're a very, very talented team.

He has been cleared to play. But I'm not sure if I want to take that chance. I couldn't live with myself if he got hurt.

I'm scared to death of that kid.

They need to consider end of life and build that into their product structure to manage regulatory qualification. For example, retirement of components with tin-lead leads needs to be planned, and those components replaced with compliant parts. Termination of such non-compliant products will also affect industries that are not yet regulated.

Luke came in and got six of his eight in the first quarter, which was huge. We had a tough game that ended at 11 last night and came back to play at 11 this morning, so Babbitt needed some help. When Luke went inside and scored over their 6-6 guy, I think they were shocked.

Luke played a great all-around game. He made everybody else on the team look better.