"Thomas Joseph "Tom" Leykis" is an American talk radio personality best known for hosting The Tom Leykis Show from 1994 to 2009 (nationally syndicated), and April 2012 to the present (internet streamcast/podcast). The show follows the Talk radio#Hot talk/hot talk format, which brought Leykis much success, particularly in the Southern California radio market. Due to the provocative nature of the show, Leykis has often been described as a shock jock. The show's best-known feature is "Leykis 101", in which he purports to teach men "Pickup artist/how to get laid" while spending the least amount of time, money, and effort.

He is also the host of The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis, a most-weekly lifestyle program dealing with fine food and drink, airing weekends mainly in West Coast markets.

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There really is no Johnny Carson anymore. There is no one place a comedian can appear and explode.

[Commenting on the Seattle debut of] Boys Night Out, ... I'm looking forward to providing the men of Seattle with an evening where they can kick back, light up a cigar and enjoy a night to themselves. Women, we can't technically keep you out, but please stay at home.

A foul defender of the male libido.