In closing, we are extremely enthusiastic about all of our strategic plans. We remain committed to our long-term strategy. Simply stated, we believe that our core objectives position us well for positive results going forward.

Product development remains an initiative in our Medical Segment. During the year we plan to continue to enhance our individual/association plans as well as review our small employer group products. We plan to explore new marketing relationships with national marketing companies and promote increased brokerage sales through electronic distribution and traditional sales.

Finally, in both of our segments we remain committed to providing 'World Class Sales Support' to agents. Over the past two years we have made significant enhancements to our marketing platform, which we believe will fuel future growth in our selected niche markets.

We believe we have put in place an aggressive but achievable plan to reach our goals this year. As an integral part of this, we will continue to sharpen our marketing focus in each of our business segments.