Tom Keane
FameRank: 5

"Thomas Lawrence Keane" was an American football cornerback.

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It's fantastic for the community to have the Kenyans in town.

That was a huge momentum swing. Steve (Taylor) picked up his third foul and that hurt. I probably should not have had him in there.

That's the one thing that's the biggest part of our turnaround from last year. We only won five games last year and we didn't have any ball movement. Now we've got guys that really play unselfishly and move the ball well, and that's helped us quite a bit.

It was nip and tuck the whole way. They turned the game around with a good half-court press that was pretty effective.

I thought we came out a little tight in the beginning of both halves. It took us a long time to get going. We had some jitters and we didn't play the way we played all season long.

They were isolating (Banks) one-on-one, and he was getting into the lane, drawing fouls, and made a lot of free throws down the stretch.