It will be interesting to see how Joan Allen (best-actress nominee for 'The Contender') transforms herself. In past years, it's been simple gowns in reds and blue-greens. I wonder if she's going to shift this year.

The 'Queer Eye' effect, or the Beckham factor, taught men that good grooming and having a fashion sense are an acceptable and important part of a certain kind of lifestyle.

Most men have begun to understand what it takes to build a shoe wardrobe, just as they knew what it took to build a wardrobe of suits or sport coats.

It was very Armani-like. The spectator-style accessories, modernized with leather and fabric, could become a true signature.

In tracking the past seven years, we have not had Julia Roberts in any way, shape or form. She will be highly coveted by designers, highly watched and highly visible.

The younger Hollywood types were wanting to get these jewelry pieces but alter the design and then keep them.

It's not a surprise to find a designer suit label that is probably in the realm of $2,000 to $3,000, depending on where it's made and what fabric it's made from. We can also go into a typical mall today and find that a guy can put together a casual pants, shirt and tie for probably $100.

She played the prima ballerina very well.

The ruffled wrap was pretty and dainty, so it was feminine but it also was tailored and would be right for work, too.