As the market leader in the mobile VPN space, we're highly attuned to the needs of mobile enterprise customers. We've seen significant demand for Windows Mobile 5.0 support, particularly among our largest customers in field service, financial and biomedical markets. This release sets the stage for broad adoption of Windows Mobile 5.0 powered devices among our current and future customers.

The danger is certainly still there with this type of moisture. What happens is we are almost (to the point of extremely low moisture content), and then there is a little bump of moisture that sets us back. It is a little bit of a stall.

If we get into a drying trend for the next 20 to 22 days, I would guess that there is probably a 70 percent chance the forest will be at least partially closed by June.

I tried to deport him once because he's Canadian.

I don't know what it is about him and April Fool's. I think he's evil and we should put him in a home.

Out of these piles, you would get flame lengths of 10 to 15 feet. When there's normal moisture, the flame lengths would be 6 to 7 feet.

He tried to sell my house once. He put a ?For Sale' sign out in front.

Years ago it was pretty common to move for a job, but today, people are much more concerned about lifestyle, and location is now considered a major factor. Relocation is becoming a very big issue today.

We have not had a window of opportunity to burn. If we lit it now, I'm not sure we could hold it even with a lot of people.