I think computers have made it possible that virtually all of us could be observed.

We're not being propelled in one direction or another by any external timetable that is being imposed upon us.

Civil liberties are more important than this terrorism thing they're trying to sell us.

We find by educating, talking and working with homeowners we achieve a high level of compliance. We want to be flexible and work with them, but if we're not seeing progress or they refuse to work toward compliance, we have that citation authority available.

I like to feel like I had an impact on those positive things and I'd like an opportunity to continue having a positive impact on the corporation.

They've all been raising this issue in state Legislatures, and Wal-Mart has started to change its policies on health care, so we have to keep the pressure on them.

This year is similar to last year where we have grass growing in areas where we may not normally see grasses growing.