I've been on this committee before here at CSU and twice when I was at Idaho, and this is as good a group as I've seen.

Were it not for that, we could not outfit this volleyball team.

I do have a dealer car. But I'm putting 20,000 a year on those cars, so it's saving our department money because we're not claiming mileage (reimbursement).

They threw some guys at us and we had a feeling they were going to do that. We saw different looks and they changed it up, but our guys were pretty focused.

Without ever seeing him except for this evening, he throws with the long arm and has pretty good velocity. I saw his stats and he was effective against us. He beat us with a pretty good fastball.

You always want to win a district championship and see what happens from there. Now we are in a 32-team tournament. We'll see how far we can go.

Both those guys pitched their hearts out. That's the way (the rivalry with Clearwater) should be. Just coming down to the end like that.

He's a crafty left-hander who's now 3-0 because he throws strikes and always put confidence in the defense behind him.