I like the make-up of this team. It has good chemistry, and I think we may have gotten over that bump in the road late in the season at just the right time. I think we are heading into the playoffs in a good frame of mind.

If the Bills were ever in danger of leaving the community, I might inquire as to how I could help (keep them in Buffalo). But would I buy the team? I don't know.

The state has turned us into a generation of gamblers.

It's concerning to me. I'm very interested in the topic. How I would get involved is undetermined at this point.

I think the town was hungering for something like this. It's been a real kick to watch people rally around this team.

Anything that imperils (the Bills') ability to stay here and be fruitful is a big concern. The community's got a big investment in the team mentally and I'd hate to have anything happen to that relationship.