He has every intention to seek re-election. But I'm going to let the senator make his own announcement.

We're going to look at how was the data transferred. How did it originally get into system in English units? How was it transferred? When we were doing navigation and Doppler (distance and speed) checks, how come we didn't find it?

People make errors. The problem here was not the error. It was the failure of us to look at it end-to-end and find it. It's unfair to rely on any one person.

The White House zeroed out that funding and put very difficult limitations on funding for a number of programs.

Our core strength as a company has always been a culture based on listening to our clients. We think of ourselves as a partner rather than a vendor. For example, we continuously look to our clients for feedback on our strategic development initiatives. The end result is a product suite that evolves with our clients' businesses.

The senator is not going to listen to the president paint a rosy picture on a disastrous situation. The senator believes, no matter how many speeches the president gives, that the policy on Iraq is broken.