"PFC" Salinas Packers (American football)/Salinas Packers

/player_team2="American Football League/AFL" Oakland Raiders

/player_team3="American Football League/AFL" Buffalo Bills

/player_team4="American Football League/AFL" Kansas City Chiefs



/coach_team1=NFL Oakland Raiders/Oakland/LA Raiders

/coach_team2=NFL Seattle Seahawks

/record=97-87-0 (Regular Season)

8-3 (Postseason)

105-90-0 (Overall)

/championships=1969 American Football League playoffs#1969 Championship/AFL ChampionshipSuper Bowl IV/Super Bowl Champion (1969)

(as player)

1976 AFC Championship

(as assistant coach)1980 AFC Championship

(as head coach)

1983 AFC Championship

(as head coach)

/SuperBowls=1969 Super Bowl IV

(as player)1976 Super Bowl XI

(as assistant coach)1980 Super Bowl XV

(as head coach)

1983 Super Bowl XVIII

(as head coach)



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It is a great way for us to spend father-and-son time together.

I am planning on getting my son a bow for his birthday. By having him take this class and rent a bow, I know what kind to get him.

It's always been a tradition of the Raiders to keep former players and coaches involved in the game.

It was the way of life. We didn't think about it much, except that it got lonely sometimes in the hotel room. The one thing we had was a home base, and we had great players who knew how to win. We didn't let it become a distraction of being nomads.

This is another chance of giving back. This is another chance for saving lives.

It's 20-0. The Raider offensive game plan just changed.