It seemed like they were going down and scoring within the first 10 seconds of the possession, which hadn't been happening. [We] might have been a little tired at that point. We completely outplayed them for three quarters up and down the floor.

She was really, really focused. She did a lot of scoring and dishing off. When she sat out a quarter, we really didn't miss a beat. Joy Rutland was phenomenal.

The kids came out really, really motivated and responded well. They played great pressure defense, and it led to a lot of easy baskets.

It wasn't the state championship, but it's a big win. Next time they see this team, they'll know we can play with them.

It's not just getting the turnovers, it's doing something with them.

This team was primarily a perimeter-shooting team. We were able to deny them shooting opportunities for the most part.

We were a little lethargic tonight on offense. Defensively, I thought we played very well. Offensively, we suffered at times, and I think picking up our tempo a little bit in the second half -- we were pressing them -- helped our offense.

They were missing shots, rather than us playing good defense. We were talking about that between [the first and second] quarters. Had they made those little shots, they would have had a lead on us. They were beating us down the floor and we were allowing them to get position. Fortunately for us, the shots didn't fall for them.

I think it's fantastic and it's well-deserved. She had some monster games when she carried us, and I think her effort for the entire four months speaks for itself.