Competition is always good. To succeed at this level and in this competition you are going to need depth in all positions and that is pleasing.

I beat him into turn 1 and we touched a little bit there. It wasn't a big deal. Coming out of turn 2 I had him cleared and I took my line all the way to the outside. My spotter said the '[Foster's] inside you.' I was just like 'Man, where did he come from?' So I gave him the lane getting into turn 3 and he got by me the next lap.

It was in my mind. I've done it [won] on the last race of the year before though. It was just a matter of not giving up.

Sometimes it's easier to go faster when you're chasing somebody. I think that was the case. I just kept at it and he didn't pull away from me. I kept with it and he started slowing up just a little bit.