Without Michelle we needed to have flawless runs from everyone to stand a chance against North Andover. The conditions were inconsistent, wet-packed for the early racers and dry later in the afternoon.

What a comeback for Michelle! For her to win this race after her injury is a testament to her work ethic and her talent.

For 8 of our 10 skiers it was their first State Tournament. We gained valuable experience, Everyone seems to want to improve. We can't wait until next season.

The girls work really hard and are not used to losing. We are going to start a new streak.

Eric Heath turned some heads today. Counting all the meets he had the fifth best time of the day in the entire league -- beating some big-time racers in the process.

This win was well-deserved. Heath and Lynch had terrific runs - and Matt Anderson returned to the lineup and to his usual form after missing the previous two races.