Title 42 U.S. Code, Section 1988 was intended to help the poor obtain legal counsel in claims of real, tangible violations of civil rights. To leverage defendants into submission and enrich themselves at the same time, organizations like the ACLU have exploited it.

We are raising funds to ensure that higher education will be a reality for these families. Providing for the children our military personnel left behind is our civic duty, and an education is a powerful way to show our thanks.

Most people don't know the ACLU receives taxpayer dollars when they challenge our values and heritage. The American Legion aims to make sure Americans not only learn about it, but also learn how they can take action to stop it once and for all.

As an unfortunate consequence of America's war on terror, many children of our active-duty military personnel are now members of single-parent families. In most cases, this also means their chances to attend college have greatly diminished. Children of military personnel who die on active duty are entitled to receive some money toward a college education, but it is not enough.

And our cause is to unite America behind the Commander in Chief and the Congress to win this war.

We know that meeting the cost of a college education can be difficult for the average household. But, it is a major financial burden for one-parent families. The brave Americans who sacrificed their lives in the battle against terrorism are heroes. We have an obligation to help their children reap the benefits of higher education as they become the future leaders of our nation.

The Legacy Run will stop along the way for venues arranged by Legion Posts or American Legion Riders chapters along the route.