He was getting a barrage of calls from May to late July -- phone calls, e-mails, text messages. It was endless. And my phone was ringing off the wall as well.

I don't know if there's a better rivalry.

It's so important to get that first one, so the kids can believe it can be done. When you beat Atlantic City, that's when you believe you can play with them.

I've never seen a big man with such great court vision. He runs well, shoots with good accuracy and has great footwork inside.

We could have hung our heads. But we clawed back.

I always preach don't take anything off granted. We told them there was a solid three seconds left on the clock. Everyone got caught looking.

It is what it is. These people (the referees) are human too.

We wouldn't want to face anyone else. There's a different vibe when we play them. There's something in the air.