Every time that I have pitched for him [in Triple-A], I did well. I think that I made a good impression on him.

Regular work is the key to converting to the bullpen and my command. As a starter, you have a routine. Out of the bullpen, you never know when you will pitch. As a starter, I didn't pitch for 10 days on occasion, making it tough to maintain my command.

That is a good question. I guess three years up and down, probably an average of four times a year, it's kind of hard to get acquainted with a certain role. I love the guys on the team. I've been a Cub fan my whole life. I think [the trade] is for the better. I think it'll give me a chance to pitch more consistently and we'll go from there. I'm staying positive and I'm ready to play.

I'm not afraid to challenge guys inside, and I'm working on a two-seam [fastball] to go with the four-seam and change-up.

He lives in Louisville, but he's very resourceful. I've got no wife or girlfriend to scout the place out, so I'm pretty much on my own. My stuff is in my car. I'll have to figure all that out.