I believe the decision by the WTO today is a death blow for sea turtles.

People hear the happy story, but the truth is they could all disappear in the blink of an eye. The threats just keep coming.

Unfortunately, this decision goes far beyond just a death warrant for sea turtles. The precedent this decision creates puts all of our environmental protections that may come into conflict with so-called free trade police at risk.

This area is gentrifying fast. New people are moving in who think they want to live in the forest until they live in the forest. Then they want to cut down all the trees because they can't see the sun.

There is major interest in the fish here from all over the Bay Area. But even with all our volunteers, we're still just trying to keep up.

The area is gentrifying quickly.

It's a balancing act between being a gadfly and building collaborative relationships.