We have successfully vilified trial lawyers and made them the poster boys of everything that's wrong with the Democratic Party. So this is a curious dynamic in Republican politics.

The nationwide MPLS service will give BellSouth the ability to serve customers throughout the nation, whether they are existing customers or not.

We've found that businesses want to use the most appropriate technology available to extend their communications capabilities with customers, and the product we're testing right now provides seamless connection to customers.

I could save a company like Disney millions of dollars.

He's not a quarterback, but he (Brooks) found a way to do it.

We want to be the premier data provider for the customers we serve. This will allow for greater adaptation for converged services.

We (lost) our quarterback, but these guys just keep fighting. I just kept trying to find something that was going to work for us. Finally, we found it.

Just what I've caught in the last three weeks is amazing. I can zoom into every register . . . the other night we had a fight that involved 21 people and from freeze framing the fight we were able to identify all 21 of them, ban them from the club and turn their names over to the police . . . I'm able to for the first time ever to watch the whole club.