We try to extend the court whenever we can and utilize our quickness. Pressure defense and forcing the issue is what we do.

These kids come to play with so much effort. I don't have to coach effort to these players. They know if they play defense and make free throws they are going to win games. They're going to come out fired up to play.

The team who comes out of that bracket has earned it. I think it's a great thing for our team to be in that bracket. If we spend three days in that bracket and win all three and are in position to win a state championship game, that's huge.

Neither Al or I wanted to show much of our offense with district and regional coming up, so that's why we just went bare bones with our plays. We just wanted the kids to attack offense and attack on defense and let the effort speak for itself.

I told the kids we're going to keep it simple and keep it intense. You hope you don't have to coach effort and with these girls I don't. Tonight we got great effort.

No, not at all, the officials did a nice job calling the game. Our girls were really focused and we know fouls our not part of our game. They aren't how we play defense.

These are good girls. They believe in effort and give everything they have. They believe in the coaches, they believe in the system. As a coach, having kids like that is a great thing.

But it was the only one he had in the boat.

In the last two years, we've lost five ballgames and all five games had a dominating guard. A dominating point guard does concern us, but our girls have grown a lot and know how to react to the situation.