They are still the team to beat as far as I'm concerned.

We dropped some games we didn't think we should have. The good thing is it's almost like a game on because it's like the beginning of the season. Really we need to win them all.

There's a market out there for it also, that somebody needs to address. If somebody has a good deal on appliances, watch out. They are stealing them, or lumber or anything like that.

We were able to play a lot of players. The kids hustled. It was great to win the first one.

The kids were mentally ready. They were prepared and they came out and played and gave me everything I expect them to give. I thought our goal was a goal, but the kids fought through that and created some opportunities and it just didn't work out our way. Odessa played good.

Anytime you lose it's frustrating. The kids played hard and that's all you can ask for. We dropped some games early in the season that cost us. I told them this game isn't what really cost us. If we'd have gotten those other ones we'd have been all right.

We have to stand by our president during this most difficult of times. He has a really tough job. But right now I am looking forward to some time off. I'm actually planning a hunting trip with Vice President Cheney next weekend. It should be a good way to relax.

We were hoping to be playing for the district title in this game. We know we have to win out to have a chance. The kids were prepared and when they've been prepared they've played well.