We feel pretty embarrassed. But we have no choice but to keep pressing on.

Everyone was just stunned. Everyone just hurts for him. I can't imagine losing a brother. We hugged him. We're here for him; we're praying for him. In the weeks to come we'll just rally around him, support him and do anything he needs to help him get through this time.

We had a lot of success with me coming off the ball screens up there. Usually I come off the screen, and I'm open. Doubling the ball screens was a great strategy. I got some open shots, I just missed them.

It's tough when you lose to think you're awesome. I know when we won a couple games in a row, we were so confident going into the (Mississippi) State game we knew we were going to win. Doubts can come in when you're losing.

We got on our heels. They made some tips, some steals, got some points. I think we just kind of fell apart a little bit.

I still think it's a big game for him. He's got to be excited with how he's playing and he's going to make an impact (tonight).

The crazy thing is we've got so many young guys. A lot of these young guys, I think they're kind of spoiled.

We've gone 10-3 the hard way, I think. But no one can take that away from us. It feels good no matter how we've gotten it.

We came here wanting to win, expecting to win, but State played a heck of a game. The last game, we beat them with a lot off on-ball screens. This time, they doubled us coming off the screens. Great strategy. They were more cautious not to let me got the open shot.