Developers will always play an important role in the application lifecycle, but the ALM and IDE markets are very different - requiring distinct business models, different operational and marketing structures and a focused R&D team. Both markets are important, but Borland can no longer give both the resources and attention they require.

When you look at my career and what I've done, this is a natural, perfect fit.

Segue's quality optimization products and services will add significantly to our growing portfolio of application lifecycle management solutions. This is a natural extension of our focus to expand beyond development and into software delivery, helping companies increase business value through successful software initiatives.

Joining Borland at this time is a tremendous opportunity. Software organizations are facing significant challenges in order to be more responsive to business needs and I believe Borland is the right company to help address these challenges.

Though it is clearly not Microsoft's responsibility to provide fixes to another vendor's product, we decided to offer the fix to customers because we feel they should not pay the price for Apple's programming mistakes, groundless allegations and courtroom antics.

Therefore, Borland has chosen to focus wholly on its ALM business.