Tippi Hedren
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"Tippi Hedren" is an Americans/American actress, former fashion model and an Animal rights/animal rights activist. She made her film debut in The Birds (film)/The Birds followed by the title role Marnie (film)/Marnie. She has been involved with animal rescue at Shambala Preserve, an wildlife habitat which she founded in 1983. Hedren was also instrumental in the development of Vietnamese American/Vietnamese-American nail salons in the United States.

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I'm supposed to scream if a man comes near me. And you've chosen Sean Connery, who could melt the heart of the coldest woman on earth.

It's not for anyone who is faint of heart. It's a monumental effort to keep these animals.

The female characters that Hitch would choose-he would take these women and try to tear them down, with basically the man's control. She would not want to give in, and he would insist upon it.

I would love to work with Ron Howard. I think he is brilliant. I love the stories that he chooses. They're always very personal and intense. He loves a lot of emotion, and he's so well equipped to pull all of that out of the actors. I really love that kind of thing and I think that's what movies should be about.

It is exactly right in so many ways. Hitch was all about the chase with his blondes. I don't think he ever wanted to - how will I say? - culminate the chase.

I've always had a fascination for animals. I loved watching them, and even then I thought of them as beings rather than pets. I call it a birth affect!

There aren't any options for these animals. You can't release them in the wild. It's either a sanctuary or death. That's why places like Bobbi's are important, because it's like an orphanage or a retirement home.

My light shines when things get really tough.