Timothy Spall
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"Timothy Leonard Spall", Officer of the Order of the British Empire/OBE is an

In 2014, Spall won the Best Actor Award (Cannes Film Festival)/Best Actor award at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for portraying J. M. W. Turner in Leigh's biographical film Mr. Turner (film)/Mr. Turner.

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I was always insecure about the way I looked.

It's an odd world.

I'm not always fat, but when I'm thin, people don't seem to notice. I'm seen as a fat person no matter what shape I'm in.

I'm working class, and want people to know I'm not unintelligent and all the other cliches that come with it.

If it's going well, and even if it's not, you know, it's a really interesting working environment. Because you usually have a lot of fun.

I know I work quite hard at making people like me.

It doesn't bother me one iota that most of my career has been playing people who are not that - well, let's say that people wouldn't aspire to be like them."

You can make as many films as you like, but if nobody wants to put them on, what's the point?

Imagination is a beast that has to be put in a cage.