He is a fierce competitor. He loves to compete. When it comes to hockey he wants to win and his team to do well. He is really passionate about playing the game.

Special teams was very important, it always is. It's probably the only reason why we're here, getting to the Frozen Four because we've had such good special teams. So it is a bit ironic that that cost us in this game.

Certainly I think it's better for college hockey when you have things spread out, but it doesn't always work that way.

If it had happened again this year, I think it would have been a negative. For that one year, it was a neat story. Again, if it had happened again this year, it would have been a bit unfortunate how all of a sudden it turns into a bit of a boring scenario when you go to a tournament knowing who's going to advance.

At that point it looked like it might be slipping away and we just kept chipping away one week at a time. Before you know it, we were on a real good run down the stretch.

I've just been so impressed with his consistency in improving each year. He's just improved tremendously every single year. And he came in as a true freshman, so his development has been fast-tracked.

That breakaway save was probably the defensive save of the game.

There was a real determination from that group of seniors that was left behind, so to speak, to do something special.

We've got to keep it simple. When we do, we're very effective. We can't try to beat guys one-on-one.