Tim Thompson
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"Charles Lemoine Thompson" is a former catcher in Major League Baseball, who played from 1954 to 1958 with the Los Angeles Dodgers/Brooklyn Dodgers, Oakland Athletics/Kansas City Athletics and Detroit Tigers. He was born in Coalport, Pennsylvania.

Thompson was a coach for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1981.

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I was impressed ... with how well they've progressed.

You could see in those food plots, there were pheasant tracks everywhere. The birds heard us coming and were out the other end.

I'd much rather shoot a bird over point than take a passing shot at one that just flushed wild, just because I happened to be at the end of the field. If you get a bird this time of year, it's really a bonus for you and the dog.

When you started thinking your going to make a mistake, you've talked yourself into making it.

When it is just Brant Quick back in the backfield, I think we could have contained him, ... but trying to contain everything they have... they have a lot of weapons.

Prices used to fluctuate pennies from year to year. Now, I have to knock on doors and try to figure out how much people will be able to pay. This is going to be very hard on ordinary folks.

We played hard and made some great improvements since our first game, but there is still work to do.

This is the NFL. Things like this happen, ... You can't cry in your milk.

The brome grass is going to provide OK cover early in the season. You could see, though, that all the snow had knocked it down. We hunted some weedy food plots that stood up well.