Half of the ones he signs show up on eBay.

It really hurts those schools that have a long-standing tradition. The schools that this was done for don't have a lot of history or a lot of money, but they will start having this tradition and money in a couple years.

A lot of our players do get a lot of national attention.

We use them for the fans and as a revenue generator.

At the time he made his decision he was acting under the law of the land. In this new era of the NCAA looking out for the good of the student-athlete we hope they'll allow him to return to school.

It's kind of a precedent-setting situation. We believe the NCAA will look at the situation and we hope that they'll look out for the welfare of the student-athlete.

We use them for the fans and as a revenue generator. We give them to (contributors). What this legislation has done is it cheats these other areas.

We said, 'We have this budget, so let's use it,' .

Being in L.A. might make it a little more unique with the entertainment angle and the Hollywood thing, but we're very much a college team. Everything we do and talk about, we talk about the college experience. We've never said anything but that they're college students.