I'm going to recommend that we repeat this cycle every 24 months so we can have the most updated information in terms of community perception. The broader picture behind that is that community input is extremely important in helping the hospital make strategic decisions that will benefit all area residents.

We want to make sure we are using the right media and that the message is on target for what we are trying to accomplish in helping people recognize the quality of healthcare right here in Onslow County.

We want to see how the perception of Onslow Memorial Hospital compares with the perception of these other hospitals.

This will be very helpful to us to see what percentage of people in the community are using us or are using the Naval Hospital, New Hanover, Craven and Pitt. This way we can get a feel for why they are making those choices.

I see a need and I feel that I've got the opportunity to do something about it and I should take it. Like the fire truck. I know these people don't have one they have to borrow from other areas.