We try and scramble to get them the help they need.

Once we figured out what we had, we settled in and got the best finish we could for John and Nancy McGill. Being an independent team, we just can't afford to tear up these cars. We have to establish ourselves in the points and as the team gets stronger we can race harder and push for top finishes.

Ricky really found something that last day, it was a simple change, but it made a huge difference in the way I could get through the corner and get back on the gas. Texas is a totally different track than Richmond, but I think that same adjustment might help us here this weekend. I'm ready to get back to racing.

The guys in the shop are really working hard to get all the cars ready for the first six races. Ricky Pearson is a great leader, with lots of contacts and resources. After the Daytona test, we had to do some massaging on the bodies of the speedway cars but the guys stayed on-task and got the intermediate cars ready for Vegas and they never missed a beat.