It's kind of scattered in this part of the Valley.

They're not demonstrating anything but their wickedness and evilness. There's no peace without Jesus Christ.

It was the saving of the project that we managed to get buy-in from all the managers that mattered right at the beginning. They were on the project team and they were part of it -- it wasn't being done to them.

What's been happening for the last 20 years is I've been making the shoes, answering the phone, doing the books — everything.

It's pretty humbling when you have a guy sitting next to you, telling you about waiting on a roof to be picked up by a helicopter and a body floats by. You get to let them talk some of that out, ... It's been amazing to see the hope that's in their eyes, the appreciation of what's being done.

A community like Queen Creek, they're just a funnel.

He hugged me and said, 'I don't have any money to give you,' ... I said, 'Don't worry about that. Jesus loves you, and I love you.'

Our client-focused culture will remain the same, ... We're a close member of many of our clients' teams. They count on us for ideas, solutions and creative approaches to their marketing communications and corporate affairs challenges. We believe supporting our employees' growth and professional development is critical to our clients' success.

Like everybody says, if you're going to be in business you have to grow. I fought that, but now I get it, ... I am more than happy to see it grow.