Filling up the tank is only part of it. Everything that is delivered costs more.

Kyle came through once again during a pressure situation. The five-point first round was instrumental in him gaining the major decision.

Brad took a quality wrestler in Lau and absolutely dominated him in every phase. Brad rose to the occasion and came close to pinning Lau.

The dual against Libby turned out about how we expected it would -- it wasn't very pretty. We had four starters out because we didn't want them to aggravate nagging injuries. I felt like I needed a M.A.S.H. unit to take care of everyone.

Tim came out on top of the rubber match. He wrestled a smart match by being patient and not forcing the issue. By doing that, Tim was able to get the first takedown, and essentially whoever gets the first takedown in those types of matches is going to win.

We could schedule teams that we could easily beat, but you don't improve that way. Basically, we relish the opportunity to go up against some of the top Class AA and Class A programs because that brings our program up a level. Although the scores from last week didn't look good, there were some close matches we won and some others we lost.