"Timothy Bryce Morris" is a former Australian politician.

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It is a huge pressure relief.

Various confinement changes, what is needed depending on what the dog is doing kind of thing. We've added some stuff about receiving and responding to an infraction, we've had a lot of people get rid of the citation, they don't respond to it, so that's going to be moved to a criminal citation.

They got it right. It was definitely a hand-pass. In that case, (replay) worked. We're happy that was the outcome.

All those images (from the Seneca game) came back in my mind again. We lost that game, and that really cost us, because tonight's game would have been for a tie.

I've got probably 20 to 30 pounds and six inches on him. I just tried to make him do what he didn't want to do. I bumped him a couple of times, got him out of his rhythm.

She has had those moments all season long. The skill she has that every time she touches the puck there is a chance that something is going to go in.

In a summer league game I had to guard him. He went for 43.

We finished the season exactly the way we started it. The kids really wanted this, and it showed in their play. We were focused on getting to this point.

It was astounding. I've never seen anything like it in my 20 years of coaching. There was no question it gave us a lift. It raised the confidence level of our play, and you could see it was a huge deflating moment for Anoka. It had to have been very demoralizing.