Put it this way _ you got four guys and how many Super Bowls have they been to? One. I think it comes down to sacrifice.

He was never afraid of challenges, whether they were moral issues or political issues.

He'd beat the offensive lineman, knock the running back down, sack the quarterback and then help all three of them up.

And, yet, he was so kind in the way he went about it.

Dallas is a good situation, obviously, with Drew being there, but the numbers have to be comparable or more.

The entire transaction sends good signals. It attests to the vision of Phil Phillips and his partners, who took a risk in building such a unique and beautiful showroom facility. Plus it affirms the strength and promise of the High Point home furnishings market.

Every week, it was somebody different stepping up and doing whatever it took to win, ... It was like, 'Who are these guys?' We just weren't going to be denied.

I remember going to the press conference and wondering why we were even there, ... All anybody wanted to talk about was Miami's chances of winning the national championship after they beat us. It was just assumed.

This is an impressive transaction by any real estate standards, ... In terms of dollars invested, it is comparable to the 1999 Merchandise Mart Properties acquisition of Market Square.