It's illegal. Police officers aren't allowed to take other people's property for their own use.

This is not about the pork rinds. It was never about the pork rinds. We investigated things that are quite serious.

The fact that the community as a whole may lose their trust in government is a factor.

This is not about pork rinds. It was never about pork rinds. This is quite serious.

Vote buying is part of the case, but the absentee-ballot interference is, to me, much more sinister. It involves forging names, the theft of ballots from the post office, and voting (on behalf of) people who never even see the ballot.

Today's indictment was not the end of what we have done. It's chapter one of this investigation. We recognize the community of Appalachia is a very good community. The citizens want Appalachia to become the best community possible.